Heather Bassi 3/31/2018 

"The material is Super Soft and the fit is Perfect! I can’t wait to put in a new order!"

Bonnie Chan 2/28/18

"I'm picky about the texture of my shirt. How it feels, how it moves, how it looks is important to me. So what about this "Beautiful Wild and Free" Wander Wear tshirt I received? I LOVE it! It's soft and light and hugs perfectly around my hips. The way it drapes on my shoulders, super nice and sexy...absolutely love. Did not disappoint at all. Ready for another order!"

Kathleen Williams 2/27/18

"I got my order quickly and that’s saying something as I live in Canada! I have been wearing the shirts non stop. The fabric is light and drapes in a flattering way over my body. I ordered 3 different styles and love the variety each on brings to my wardrobe and they will be nothing to pack in my suitcase which is a good thing because I plan on taking them everywhere. I have had several compliments too. Definitely going to order more!"

Shelsea Sanchez 2/27/18

"Not only do I love the message behind Shop Wander Wear - inspiring, rejuvenating, and empowering, but I love the comfort of them all. I'm so picky when it comes to the way T shirts feel. If I want to be at home comfortable, comfort is a must. My two favorite T shirts from the line are the " All you need is Love and a passport" T and also the "Chasing Sunsets"

Kristi Noravong 2/26/18

"Today I received my very first WW t-shirt. I ordered a small and I love the soft fabric and the fit. It’s not snuggly which is perfect to throw over jeggings or a pair of jean shorts. I can’t wait for more releases!"