Our Journey

Wander Wear began as a small line with a few designs inspired by our love of travel, but quickly grew to be so much more. Our original line, the Wanderlust collection, is designed to be comfortable and versatile, perfect for jet-setters and dreamers. Our goal is to offer you the most comfortable shirts with designs that are both trendy and classic, and each shirt is chosen for its flattering cuts and soft fabrics because feeling stylish and comfortable are key to our designs. 

Like any inspiration, our ideas couldn't be contained in a box, and the Inspire and Tipsy collections soon followed. Our friends, family, and tribe of sisters bring us daily enthusiasm to dream big, work hard, and play whenever possible! Each design is a nod to the women who empower us, and the ladies that surround us and make up our tribe.  

Social impact is one of our biggest missions. Our charity collections are important to us and integral to the brand. These partnerships with different charities aren’t temporary, or just while awareness campaigns are underway. We plan to create long-lasting relationships with causes we care about, indefinitely. Lots of times people forget about a catastrophe as soon as it’s out of the news and the support stops. We want to give ongoing to help with sustainability, even after the dramatic moments pass. Click here to see who we're partnering with.

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The Wander Wear Team 

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P.S. We proudly print and ship from Dallas, Texas