Hi! I'm Tina. I was born in Laos, but our family immigrated to Texas when I was  4 - but now live in Seattle, WA. I'm the second of 4 children and now have a grown son of my own. I've worked since the age of 15 and haven't stopped. In fact, I keep adding things to my plate because I'm a dreamer and a doer. I left Corporate America in 2014, but before I gave notice, I had purchased an existing franchise in 2013 and right before I left, I had just purchased a new location but was going to have to build it from the ground up...all this while being in a toxic relationship with a drug addict. I moved from Austin to Dallas in 2011 to remove myself from this relationship, but I did what most people in an abusive relationship do, I allowed my abuser back into my new life in Dallas. 3 years into this "new life", it quickly spun out of control..between losing our beloved pet to his senseless gun violence... to a house fire a month later and me going to trial to prove my innocence..and mariads of other things in-between...again, all while trying to navigate life in a toxic relationship. Simon passed away in his sleep Thanksgiving morning, 2014. His past caught up to his heart and it gave out. I believe it was divine intervention, because there were many moments I feared for mine and my son’s life. Soon after, I went on a soul searching journey and traveled to over 20 countries in 3 years. I was bent, but not broken - I was lucky. That's when the idea of Shop Wander Wear was born.

I started Shop Wander Wear with the intention of it having a give-back component. It's a travel inspired apparel and accessories online boutique. The designs that I create and curate are meant to inspire women who feel stuck, alone, unsure, unworthy...sad...OR just want to celebrate life!....to buy that ticket, or hop in their car and transport themselves to somewhere - anywhere. Traveling was MY coping mechanism. It was an attempt at self-discovery to understand who I am now and how I want to live my life going forward. Wander Wear was born from the awareness of needing to find passion from my new life. Through my self-discovery, I realized that my happiness was not what I can gain for myself, but how I can give more of myself to others. I didn't want to open up "just another t-shirt company", I wanted to give each collection a voice...to push my customers to take risks, be inspired and inspire others, have fun and give back to each other and the universe.

My ultimate goal for Wander Wear is to be able to employ women from shelters who NEED another chance. Women who've been beaten down by life and want someone to believe in them. I still believe in this mission and will work my butt off to make this dream a reality. 

And for YOU - I hope that when you wear a Wander Wear design, that you feel empowered and that it gives you strength and hope through your dark seasons - and that you buy that plane ticket and get lost for a bit.