Why I Decided to Partner with Attitudes and Attire

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"Sometimes you need a second chance because you weren't quite ready for the first" - Anonymous

I was once an addict. My addiction - love. Or at least I thought it was loveโ€ฆ but after several therapy sessions around this topic, my therapist told me that I was a rescue addict, I needed to be someone's "savior". In this case, I was addicted to "saving" my late husband. And it had the potential to be deadly.
Last week, I spent a few hours at Attitudes & Attire, an organization in Dallas that promotes personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency after trauma. I made the decision to volunteer & partner with them because I know what it feels like to get another chance at a clean start. I wasn't addicted to drugs, nor was I jailed or just came out of a womenโ€™s shelter. But I have something in common with them, I was in a dark place. My story: I was in an abusive relationship with a drug addict.
Attitudes and Attire | Dallas Texas
It's taken me a long time to come to terms w/ this, for lots of reasons. I'm one of the lucky ones. I count my blessings every day that I'm still alive & so is my son. I kept this from family & friends...โ€˜cause I felt ashamed & because I didn't want them to worry.. and.. well.. in essence, I was still protecting Simon. I didn't want to tarnish the good memories that people did have of him. I also used to worry about what people think - in hindsight I know it all seems silly, but it's the truth & that's why I kept all my struggles to myself.
The women who go to Attitudes & Attire are reaching out for help, for another chance. Life got REALLY screwed up for them, whether by their own hands or someone else's. But they showed back up! They're ready to take the necessary steps to get their lives back. I'm not 100% healed & don't think I ever will beโ€ฆ but I can't keep saying that "someday" when I'm ready, I will help others. So, in a non-addictive, healthy way..I STILL want to help. It starts by giving back & creating awareness for their mission: www.attitudesandattire.org
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