When our actions are based on good intentions, our soul has no regrets

COVID-19 has brought out many different facets of human behavior, from grateful to entitled. As an e-commerce consumer for many years now, I’ve become comfortable with the various brands and companies I purchase from. But I also understand that not everyone is as comfortable and at times can be leery, which is why it’s important for me as an e-commerce brand, that our focus be to build trust with our community. Here is what you can expect from us:

Customer Service - While we don’t have 2-day delivery like Amazon, you can expect quick turnaround on shipments and fulfillment. And in case of any customer service issues, we promise a response within 24 hours (though usually much faster) and kind and creative ways to solve any issues. 

Customer Satisfaction - I want our customers to love wearing our shirts, so if they’re unsatisfied with anything, we have a hassle free return and exchange process. Just email us with your issue, and we’ll send you a return label, no questions asked.

Transparency - We’ll admit to our mistakes or make good of our promise. There’s always the chance for human error, because there are people running this business, but we treat every one of them as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve our customer experience.

Ethical behavior - We’re not in this to steal anyone’s money or take advantage of our customers. I love the creative process of designing and creating the products we offer, but I also love knowing that customers enjoy them too. Making a profit is the goal, but not at anyone’s expense. 

Personality - We want to present a fun, carefree attitude for our brand, while also maintaining a level of professionalism that customers will appreciate. But we’re not perfect, and that’s ok too. 

We’re a small brand trying to not only survive but thrive during these hard times, as so many other companies are also trying to do. Feedback is critical to our success, and even negative reviews are really helpful to improving our service. But if your order wasn’t quite what you had in mind, give us a chance to make it right before you give us a (publicly) negative review. Reviews and testimonials are crucial for online businesses, and customers look to those stars to inform their purchases.  We’re doing our best to make sure we can address any problems quickly, but also put in place processes to minimize issues in the future.

On the other hand, if you LOVE your shirts, our brand and what we stand for...please share! Good reviews, tags on social media, and simple word of mouth can go a long way to helping a small business reach a larger audience, grow, and become more successful. And we’re always appreciative when you do!

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