Wandering is possible when you work virtually!

Wanderlust has never been more easily satisfied, and for a lot of us, working virtually is what makes it possible. While being able to connect from anywhere is awesome, it has some drawbacks. Here are a few pros- and cons- to working virtually:

Pro: You can work anytime and anywhere with good wifi- coffee shops, airports, beachside bungalow - all are potential workspaces with a laptop and a decent internet connection.

Con: You end up working all the time and everywhere- it can be hard to disconnect when you know that there’s work to be done. And there’s always work to be done…

Pro: Cameras make meetings across countries (or continents!) possible and even fun.

Con: Time zone confusion can be a real issue. Sometimes it’s best to stick to one zone and orient yourself around it.

Pro: No office distractions, like office gossip or politics.

Con: You can’t hug your teammates when they do something great, or add an extra set of hands when your team needs you.

Pro: Meetings are much more efficient, and as needed.

Con: Miscommunication is a constant possibility. Having your team scattered means needing to make a greater effort to be high-touch on whatever form of communication works best.

Working virtually can be really useful for a company and its employees, but it means extra effort to stay on top of things. Mostly, we’re lucky that any of this is even possible, especially for those of us with wandering hearts!

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