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It’s February and that means it’s the month of love. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily my favorite “holiday” but there is something about acknowledging love, not only love of your significant other but the love of your girlfriends, the love of yourself, the love that you have for the world, the environment, your children, pets, anything that brings you joy. 

In keeping with my resolutions this year, I am focusing on the positive that comes with this month of love and want to take a trip with my honey, Steve. This got me thinking about what it’s like to travel with your significant other. Some say that you need to go on a trip with someone before you can decide if you can be with them long-term or not. I have to agree. Is this person someone who arrives at the airport 4 hours early? Does he pack at the very last minute? What if he’s an agenda person and I’m more fly by the seat of my pants type of traveler? A lot can happen when you’re traveling, so here are my 7 tips to making travel with that special someone even sweeter! 

1. Go with the flow - This is true not only for traveling but with life! Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to traveling. Sure, he might not have packed that Insta worthy outfit or fedora you bought him for Christmas last year, but he’s there, he’s smiling, he’s having a great time. Enjoy it! 

2. Both of you pick one thing you really want to do on the trip - This way, you both get to have input in what you’re doing on your vacation but you also don’t have any surprises and can plan for that adventure. The last thing you want is resentment in your relationship and if someone misses out on something they really wanted to do, that’s not good. 

3. Food stops are essential - I don’t know about you but I can go from happy to hangry in four seconds flat, and having snacks and stopping for food is key to a great trip. Not only is it a way to explore and find some hole in the wall places but it’s important to keep yourself satiated (and hydrated)!

4. Doing something alone isn’t the end of the world - One time, Steve really wanted to golf on our trip (see tip #2). So instead of being upset that I’d have to sit in the golf cart for 4 hours because I didn’t want to play golf, I decided to take that time and visit the farmers market in town instead.. We both got to do something we wanted to do and both activities aren’t exactly for a group. And, you know what, I got to stock up on artisan cheese and olives, I didn’t care that he bought hundreds of dollars worth of drinks on the course. 

5. Have a designated “stuff” person - This usually falls on me since I’m the one with the bag while we’re out {link to beach bum bag}, but one of you needs to be responsible for all of your “stuff.” That looks different for each couple but for us, we are each responsible for our travel documents on the trip but once we land, my bag becomes the catch-all. It’s just easier to know that going in and have each person be responsible for something. 

6. Let time get away from you - Build memories, relax, you’re on vacation together!! You’ll be talking about these moments for the rest of your lives, so stop and smell the roses. Some of my favorite memories with Steve are the impromptu happy hours on vacation that lasted through dinner. Did we miss some reservations? Sure. But would I trade the laughs? Never!

7. ENJOY IT - Similar to the tip above, enjoy it! Especially if you’re traveling somewhere with a lot of “must-sees,” like Paris, Rome or most major European cities, don’t get bogged down in what you have to do or see. Honestly, the Mona Lisa is impressive but it’s really small and if you go first thing in the morning, the crowds are small and you can get to that glass of champagne faster. Do what you both want on vacation, even if it’s just room service coffee, enjoy it!! 

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