Attitudes and Attire Dallas

I've talked a lot about my work with Attitudes and Attire, including how I got started partnering with them.  I love how much their goals align with my "Why"- especially the part about empowering other women.

Since moving full time to Seattle, I've really missed that community.  One of the only upsides of this pandemic is that everything is going online! So even though I'm not based in Dallas anymore, I'm able to participate remotely. I was nervous at first because I've never presented like that before, but it was great!

Attitudes and Attire

So the take home? I need to get back to my "Why"- start mentoring again, collaborate more, and share my skills and knowledge with other women in my community.


A friend and founder of Project Beauty Dallas asked if I'd be open to creating a line just for her foundation ... and of course I said YES!

Project Beauty Dallas

Project Beauty's mission is to spread empowerment by helping survivors of domestic violence by providing free beauty services to women and children in shelters and transition homes. Together, we'll be releasing designs that will be on sale in our online shop and 50% of all sales will be donated to Project Beauty Dallas!

Stay tuned for all the amazing, inspiring designs that will be released soon! And go follow Project Beauty to see how you can support them...and see all the heart-warming events they have scheduled!


Seattle Girl Boss

Now that I'm in Seattle and well... because of COVID, I haven't been able to fly back to Dallas, nor needed to because I also sold my brick and mortar business in March. Right after I arrived in Seattle, I sought out groups I wanted to connect with. The Seattle Girl Bosses group has since connected me to so many wonderful, women entrepreneurs in the Seattle area.

Not only have I been able to find lifestyle photographers to elevate my brand, I've also been making friends with like-minded women. SGB also has a mentoring program for which I signed up to be a mentor. I'm happy to say that I have two amazing, upcoming business owners I'm working with at the moment.

If you live in Seattle or surrounding areas, join their FB group and sign up, if only to start collaborating!

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