Boring apps need love too

Written by Ali Sherman


With so many apps and programs available to optimize productivity, I’m afraid my choice for favorite productivity tool be a little disappointing.

It’s my calendar.

But it’s more how I use it that makes it so useful, and there are some tips and tricks that make it even better.

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Color Coding-

Shop Wander Wear is my main gig, but these days, everybody’s got to have a side hustle! Keeping all of my various projects, clients, meetings and deadlines organized requires a lot less energy when I can see everything at a glance. Assigning colors provides visual cues that trigger other parts of memory too- Win/Win!

Share with the club-

For teams, busy families, or space cadet husbands, having the ability to share calendars keeps everyone involved organized and up to date. Setting alerts are even more useful, because it provides an extra little nudge to get out the door quicker.

Never enough info-

This one is especially great for meetings and errands. There are about a dozen blanks to fill when you create a new event, but the “description” section is often overlooked. Here is where you can copy and paste an email conversation into the event for a quick reminder before a meeting, or even add an agenda. For errands, you can include addresses, lists, reminders and alerts.  Instead of storing all of that info in different places that you can’t keep track of, everything’s in the same place, and easy to refer back to. And if your day gets the best of you (which many of mine do!) you can just change the date on the errands and start fresh tomorrow!

Time Zone consistency-

Tina uses lots of these tricks, especially the color coding, and it’s how we on her team manage to keep track of her! Fortunately, calendars automatically update to the time zone you’re in, so instead of having to calculate the time or play “Where in the world is Tina” we just check her Travel Calendar (*red) and know she’ll be at our 3pm EST meeting, whether she’s in Dallas, Seattle, or Tulum!

Really, the Calendar is my favorite organizing tool because year after year, it’s the only one that I consistently maintain. When I was a kid I used my planner, and this is just the digitized, mobile, shareable version of the same thing.

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