Arbitrary Goals = Self Inflicted Stress?

I knew when I set my career goals at the beginning of the year, that it was going to be a crazy roller coaster ride. Add life goals to that and I’m surprised I haven’t gone off my rocker yet! So far, 2018 has been a year of change and pivots, both rewarding and hair-pulling at the same time.

I traveled out of the country 7 times and spent countless hours flying back and forth from Dallas to San Francisco, all while trying to grow one business and keep another afloat. So while I’ve tried to encourage myself and others around me to have a better work-life balance, it seems mine is a little outta whack.

Arbitrary Dealines

It’s too bad I don’t get paid for traveling! I find myself constantly distracted and preoccupied even when I’m traveling. So not only do I miss “being in the present”, but each time I return home, it’s with a very long to-do list. You might say “So stop traveling!” ...but you see, traveling is how I balance my life. I think my imbalance comes from is creating arbitrary goals for myself. Seriously, will it matter in the long run if a FB post is delayed, or if my Instagram newsfeed isn’t meeting my aesthetic standards? (If you’re an online business, you get it!) But goals are how I measure success, and checking things off my list is how I measure my productivity. But, in order to restore a little balance, I have 3 immediate things I want to put into action:

  1. Prioritize with dollar signs. If I put a monetary value on each of my to-dos and sort them by return on investment of my time and/or money,  I can focus on the items that will yield greater results.
  2. Outsource when possible. I’ve been learning a lot, and trying to implement all these new marketing strategies all by myself. Now I realize that I need to pump a bit more money into the business in order to scale -  which includes training someone to take on these responsibilities so I don't run myself into the ground.
  3. Stop setting arbitrary goals, or realize when they’re arbitrary so I don’t stress when they’re not getting done within my make-believe timeline!

A year from now everything you've stressed about won't matterMy work-life balance might be a little screwy for others, but the truth is, I’m happiest when I’m busy, working hard, and learning new things. I try to find ways to incorporate my work into my life, like traveling with friends and using those experience to expand my business. And I try to incorporate my life into my business, by surrounding myself with others who work and play just as hard. As the saying goes, "If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!”

If this is something you’ve perfected, please share with us so we can take what works for you and try for ourselves!


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