Are you a Glamper or a Camper?

Are you a glamper or a camper? 

Turns out, I’m currently a hybrid of the two! If you love nature, but also enjoy life’s small comforts, then glamping was made for you!

The word might be new, combining “glamor” and “camping”, but the concept is not. It’s a style of camping with all the amenities of resort-style services you won’t find on a normal campground.

Glamp sites take the work and fuss out of setting up a tent and making camp so you can enjoy nature at its most comfortable. 

As we start to spend more and more time outside, especially where travel is concerned, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite things that can really take your next glamping trip over the top!  

So here are our top 7 must-have items to make your next glamping trip a little extra glamorous!

1. Down feather comforter. One of the hallmark amenities of a quality glamp ground is REAL mattresses, none of that leaky blow-up nonsense. Pack your own comforter to add a little extra luxury to your slumbers. has lightweight, down comforters in many cute colors to choose from!

2. Hydrating facial masks. There are tons to choose from, but I use the Hydrating Coconut Gel Sheet Mask from  Whether it’s a booze-filled weekend or long hikes with friends, your skin needs to always stay hydrated.

3. Glampy food, like a cute charcuterie board!  Upgrade any picnic with a fancy platter of assorted cured meats and mild and creamy cheeses. A well planned charcuterie board and the right vintage can make for a killer wine and cheese night, and really elevate your glamping experience. I luckily live across the from Wholefoods and they have amazing artisan cheese and meat to choose from! All I have to do is pack a cutting board that also dual-purposes as a charcuterie board!

Shop Wander Wear Glamping Must Haves

4. Steeping coffee - No instant mix can give that morning jolt you need, so don’t forget your coffee press! We can’t start our morning without a proper cup of coffee, and to give it a little extra oomph, we suggest International Delight Coffee Creamer (our favorite is Caramel Macchiato). Perfect to sip on as you enjoy nature in the morning! 

Shop Wander Wear Glamping Must Haves

5. Rosé all day - Hydration is key for any outdoor excursion, so water is a must. Most campers would also agree that a nice cold beer while sitting around the fire to be the ultimate outdoor experience. However, I recently stumbled upon some really good Rosé  in a can! It’s a perfect mix of classy and convenience, and at 12% alcohol content, it definitely gets the job done!

Shop Wander Wear Glamping Must Haves

6. Coachella hats - You can look great while “roughing it”! Elevate any look with these stylish wool fedoras. It’s soft brim and indented crown gives that classic look perfect for an upscale camping trip. Check out the three colors, tan, gray and leopard  we have available in our shop.


7. Travel gadget organizer - Wifi is a must, even when out in nature, and this super handy, compact gadgets organizer is perfect for your next glamping trip! Great for mobile phones, battery packs, data cables, headphones, everything! Handy mesh pockets keep your cords from tangling and its compact size makes it easy to pack when space is limited! We have gray and black available in our shop to choose from. 


If you’ve never tried glamping before, then hopefully this will inspire you to give it a try! And once you realize how wonderful it can be, you'll definitely be a Happy Glamper! If you ever make it to Costa Rica, check out Selena La Fortuna for a glamp style hostel. Read more about it on my Travel Costa Rica blog. And hopefully some of our tips are useful on your next camping (urgh...I mean glamping) trip. Leave a comment or Like this post if you agree!

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